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Opinions, Pontifications and Other Stuff what I wrote....

An occasional series of essays in which I talk about whatever I like. Or dislike.

If you have an opinion on anything listed on this page, email me. But be nice; we're all entitled to our own opinions.


A subject close to many people's hearts. And one of my favourite soapboxes...

Forgotten History

For most historians, British history begins with the Romans, takes a break for 600 years, and resumes with the Norman invasion in 1066. There is, of course, much more to it than that - don't let the school teachers fool you.


I'm web-master for a local Pembrokeshire cycling club, the Pembrokeshire Freewheelers. I also often go out on my own, and occasionally write accounts of my rides. Not being club rides, I don't think it's entirely appropriate to add these accounts to the cycling site, so they can go here instead.

More to come....

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