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I occasionally write little applications, mainly for my own use. Through this page, I am making some available as freeware. Note that I accapt no liability for loss of data, sanity, etc. that may result from using any software on this page. But mostly that won't happen....

A few years ago I added the "Galleries" section to this site, and opted to include thumbnail images linking to the full-size pictures - a technique familiar to virtually anyone who's surfed the Web. But I did not want to be uploading twice as many files, so I put all the thumbnails in one big image and used and HTML image map for the links.

Then I thought it would be neat to automate the process. The result was MapMaker.

Long ago, I wrote a couple of programmes to simulate the movement of an arbitrary number of objects under the influence of gravity. The user would have to type in the mass and initial location and velocity of each object, and the programme would then run the simulation.

Eventually, I got around to re-writing that software for Windows. Unfortunately, I never got around to finishing it, so some of the menu items don't do anything... But here it is: Gravity.

Coming soon....

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